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Where are the classes held?

The classes are held in Livingston, NJ.


What age groups do you teach?

We teach both children and adults. A child should be around 5 years to start the lessons.


Do you provide group lessons or individual lessons?

Both individual and group lessons are offered. Availability of individual  lessons is very limited.


How many students are there in each group?

Most groups are small and have about 4-5 students. Small group size provides a conducive environment and makes it possible to give individual attention to each student.


How long are the group lessons?

Group lessons are held once a week, for a class duration of 50 minutes.


How long are the individual lessons?

About 30 to 45 minutes. Availability of individual lessons is very limited. Please call to check.


Can a student who does not know Hindi learn singing Indian music?

Yes, we have many students who come from non-Hindi speaking backgrounds. We work very closely with all the students on their diction and understanding of the song lyrics.


Do you provide make up classes for missed lessons?

Students are expected to be fully committed to the classes. Absences slow down the progress of the entire class. So, no make-up classes are offered for any missed lessons.


Can the fees be prorated in case of missed lessons?

No, the fee is not prorated.


What's the fee structure?

Each school year has 2 sessions : Session 1  (Sept-Dec), Session 2  (Jan-Jun).  Fee is payable for the entire semester at the beginning of each semester. Session 1  tuition is $400, Session 2 tuition is $600.


I am interested, but not sure if my child would like to learn. Can I bring him/her for a trial lesson?

Sure, you can bring the child for a free trial class or observe an ongoing class in session before making a decision.


Do you offer any performance opportunities to students?

Yes, students perform twice a year: in December and in June. The two events are open to public. Interested students also get opportunity to perform in local community events.


Do you teach any Indian instruments?

No, training is provided only in vocal music.

Frequently Asked Questions

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