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UrmiMusic provides an excellent opportunity for all age groups to learn Indian music. We provide training in singing many different styles of Indian music, such as classical, semi-classical, bhajans (devotional music), and popular/film songs.

We focus on making singing and the experience of learning music a joy for the student. The lessons are creatively designed to make the experience fun and interesting. Small group sizes are maintained to provide an environment conducive to meeting the needs of each individual student.

The students are also provided with opportunities to perform in public. They are specially trained to sing with the accompaniment of traditional as well as modern musical instruments. We use state-of-the-art audio equipment for practice sessions in a studio-like environment.

Our ultimate goal is to create a musical community where we provide a solid foundation for nurturing a life-long appreciation for Indian music and culture. We have a wonderful group of very committed, motivated and talented students and it's a great joy to work with them. Our vision is not only to see the students evolve as good singers, we want them to find their creative expression in this art-form.

About UrmiMusic

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