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Program Video  instructions:

Both vocals and background music should be audible. 

You will need:

  1.   device to play the Track/iTablPro 

  2.   video recorder/phone


  1. Set up (instructions below)

  2. Start video recording

  3. Play the song out loud and start singing with it.  Bring out your smile and expressions.

Set up instructions:

  1. Find a nice background

  2. Light should be on the performer, not behind.

  3. Place the camera on a tripod, or hold steady

  4. Place the camera with the wide side parallel to the floor. Landscape format -  see example below:

  5. frame the performer in the center, with little bit head-space and covering up to the bust. See example below.

  6. Camera should be at eye level, or slightly higher. 

General instructions:

  1. Music playing through speakers/not headphones

  2. Video should start rolling before the song starts, and end 5 seconds after the song ends

  3. Performer has to stay in position and keep looking at the camera till the recording ends.

  4. After recording, check and rename as Songname_Studentname

  5. Upload it to the google drive:


Sample Video:

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