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Pitch : A#         Tempo : 140

Taal : Dadra    Style : Pro Default   

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Sangacchadhwam -

Sangacchadhwam Sanvadadhwam

Sam Vo Manaansi Jaanataam ||


Samaano Mantraḥ Samiti Samaani -2

Samaanam Manah Sahacittameshaam ||


(Samani  Va Aakutih

Samaanaa Hrdayaani Wah) -2

Samaanamastu Vo Mano

Yathaa Wah Susahaasati ||

Sangacchadhwam Hindi.PNG


May we march forward with a common goal.

May we be open-minded and work together in harmony.

May our prayers be one.

May we belong to one brotherhood.

May our aspirations be harmonious.

May our minds be in unison.

May we strive to reduce disparity.

May we be bound in strong fellowship and unity.

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